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PixLEdge at Hounsdown

Employers look for young people who are rigorous, rounded and grounded, with not only skills and knowledge, but also the wider behaviours and attitudes that are needed for success in life and work. Programmes such as The Edge that support and encourage this wider development in young people as a part of their school journey are a welcome step towards ensuring that all young people can fulfil their potential.”

Neil Carberry, Director for Employment and Skills, Confederation of British Industry


"Our Pledge To Give You The Edge" video owned by PixL Edge.

What Is PixLEdge?

Why We Run the PixLEdge Programme

At Hounsdown we aspire to help develop Students who will leave us and become successful members of our society. We aspire to see our student’s future as an amazing opportunity for them to stand out from everyone else. PixLEdge is the platform that we use to make our young people special.


We aspire:

  • To inspire and expand students as individuals.
  • To develop and accredit those personal attributes that are essential for employability and life.
  • To help students discover their own strengths and aptitudes and to provide opportunities for self-analysis and choice.
  • To have a culture which is enhanced by the added dimension of education provision which develops the ‘whole’ student.
  • To prepare leavers for life and citizenship beyond school.
  • To give students a competitive edge in the recruitment process.
  • To monitor and progress development of these skills and to embed and sustain this wider provision.



All students are involved and the tab to the PixLEdge website can be found at the top of the Hounsdown School webpage.

Any questions or inquiries are welcome to the Leading Edge Co-ordinator and Ambassadors.
Email all enquiries to: Pixledge@hounsdown.hants.sch.uk


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