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Curriculum - Year 10

Students at Hounsdown School begin their KS4 curriculum and start their options subjects in September of Year 9.

Students selected 4 option choices as well as following the compulsory core subjects.  Students are required to follow and study at least one of the following EBacc subjects:

* Computing
* Geography
* History
* French
* Spanish

 Grouping is refined with separate ability sets for English/English Literature, Maths and Science.  In Science all students follow the same curriculum until the start of Year 10 when they will either follow core and combined science or Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).  Option subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.

From September 2015 the school adopted the new national GCSE grading system of 9 – 1 (9 being equivalent to the current A*) comes in for English and Maths assessment.  Other subjects will remain as being assessed on the current national A*- G system.

 Early Entries
Students will all be entered for their Ethics & Beliefs GCSE exam early in the summer of 2018.







English and English Literature     8 PSHCE 1
 Mathematics     8 Ethics and Beliefs
Science (Core & Additional or Triple Science)     9 PE 3

Plus 4 Options of 5 or 6 hours a fortnight for each subject.

Additional Option Subjects from:

 Art Business Studies Computing 
Drama French Geography 
Graphic Products History Media Studies
Music Photography Resistant Materials