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Absence Procedures

The school must be notified of any absences by 10am, every day, for the duration of the students absence. 

Attendance Policy

Guidance for Absence and Lateness

Leaving School Premises

Students must have a note in their log book, signed by their parent/guardian, for any period they will be leaving the school premises during school hours. Before leaving the school premises, the student must also visit pupil services, and show the note, before signing out.

Late Arrivals

Any student arriving after registration has taken place, must report to student services.

Student Services and Medical Room Provision

If you have an appointment out of school during the school day, e.g., a dental or hospital appointment, you should tell your form tutor, tell the teacher taking the lesson involved at the start of the lesson and sign out in the Student Services Office.  You must sign back in again upon your return to school.


If you feel ill you should not go out of school but report to Student Services after obtaining permission from your teacher.

Absence for Family Holidays

Regular attendance by all students is both a legal requirement and essential for consistent progress and achievement for a student to reach their full educational potential.

Parents/carers and teachers share the responsibility for supporting and promoting excellent school attendance and punctuality for all. It is our duty to consistently strive to achieve a goal of 100% attendance for all students.

Despite a recent national legal challenge, the law states that Headteachers cannot grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances (rare, significant and unavoidable events). If leave is authorised, and if so how much, remains at the discretion of Headteachers.

Please be aware, such absence can lead to the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) for non-attendance or persistent unauthorised attendance.

Following a review of the law by the Supreme Court the school will follow the latest Hampshire County Council guidance on issuing Fixed Penalty Notices.

Any requests for leave of absence must be made in writing to Mr Veal, Associate Headteacher.

Information on Penalty Notices for non-attendance at school
Taking family holidays HCC advice to parents/carers