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Pupil Premium

The purpose of the Premium is to help raise the attainment and achievement for identified students to minimise the impact of reduced or challenging personal circumstances such as students who are eligible for Free School Meals, students who are ‘Looked After’ under the care of a local authority and students with parent(s) in the services.

PDF icon Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018

 PDF icon Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan 2017- 2018


 PDF icon Pupil Premium - Review of Expenditure and Impact Summary 2016-2017

PDF icon Pupil Premium Expenditure 2016-2017

PDF icon Year 7 Catch Up Premium: Impact 2015-2016

PDF icon Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2015 - 2016

Pupil Premium Expenditure 2015 - 2016

PDF icon Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2014 - 2015

PDF icon Pupil Premium Expenditure 2014-2015

PDF icon Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2013 - 2014